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Issue 11

Trumpet Issue 11

Trumpet 11, edited by Dr Tapasya Narang, is an examination of poetic ephemera in all its shapes and forms. Among its contributors are Kit Fryatt writing on queerness in the zine-scene, Arvind Krishna Mehrotra writing on the poetic imagination, and an in-conversation between Grace Wilentz and Róisín Power Hackett, co-editors of SEED. There are new poems from Mark Granier, Helen Hutchinson, Sophie Loren Clarke, and Christodoulos Makris among others, and among the titles reviewed are Butter Interventions by Ellen Dillon, Kilka Wierszy/Rogha Dánta/Some Poems by Anna Adamowicz, as well as an examination of the work of Maggie O'Sullivan by David Wheatley.


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