Launch of Emmet O’Brien’s “The Illusion Of Perception”

  • Saturday, 9 Mar, 6.30PM
  • Poetry Ireland, 11 Parnell Square East, Dublin 1
  • Tickets: Free

Poet, writer, wordsmith Emmet O'Brien launches his new book "The Illusion Of Perception". 

Sensational, Iconic, Innovative, these are the words that usually follow the name Emmet O'Brien. The wordsmith is back, and this time he brings a theatrical performance of his new third book! A crossover between fiction and spoken word sees the poet dive into brand new depths, portraying an amazing image that will be etched into the listeners mind for eternity. This is no ordinary book launch however, as this exclusive show will be a theatrical performance as opposed to a poetry reading. This unique show is not to be missed!

"Gary, a young college graduate caught in the midst of a psychedelic escapade, has a hallucinogenic experience he will never forget. Stepping into his "time machine" he envisions entering the era's he as always believed he belonged to, first Woodstock in 1969, and then the iconic performance of Bob Marley in Dalymount Park in 1980. Venturing into the quotes of the true icons of these eras, Gary pages his deep thoughts and interpretations behind his perspective of what they mean, giving a deep insight into not only what he believes to be the culture of those periods, but also himself, as he delves deep into the existential crisis he is experiencing in reality. Who knows what he will experience, what he will think, or what shadows will be lurking around the corner waiting."

This event is sold out!