Abridged 0 – 81: Xanadu

Deadline: 14 Feb 2022

Abridged is exploring the failure of the worlds we create for ourselves, the walls we put up and the disintegration of our self-image and any semblance of self-awareness.

The journal is looking for poetry for its Xanadu issue. Xanadu is a house of statues, a walled garden, a dream come ‘true’. Xanadu is the everything you’ve ever wanted that will never be enough. Most of all Xanadu is a vault, a tower without a door, a locket around your neck, where you’re trying to keep, to lock up, everything you’ve already lost.

Send to abridged@ymail.com up to three poems in Word or similar format. The deadline is 14 February 2022. Please put your name on all submissions.

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