Bring Your Limericks to Limerick Competition

Deadline: 31 Jul 2020

Submit your Limerick to the Limericks Competition for your chance to win €500.

Entries are now open for Bring Your Limericks to Limerick Competition 2020. Last year over 600 people entered the competition from all over Ireland and the world, with 25 finalists turning up for the final to do battle for cash prizes. Last year’s event was won by novelist Sarah Moore Fitzgerald. This year, the final will again have 25 finalists and an equally exciting contest is guaranteed. The aim of the competition is to create an awareness of the connection between the place and the poem so that Limerick can establish itself internationally as one of the few places that gave its name to a literary form. Think Shakespeare and Stratford, Joyce and Dublin, Burns and Scotland, Limerick and the Limerick.​

The Limerick is a verse form associated with the Maigue Poets from Croom, Co. Limerick, in the 18th century.

It is a verse that must contain the following elements:

• Five lines

• Lines 1, 2, 5 must rhyme

• Lines 3 and 4 must rhyme.

• A good limerick will have a clever unanticipated punch line. Line 5 will often have puns, word play or a witty feature as part of it.

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