Hidden Channel Zine

Hidden Channel is a quarterly arts zine published in Sligo focusing on the strange and the mundane in equal measure. They publish poetry, pop culture essays, fiction, photography and art. Here are our guidelines for submitting work:

-Submit no more than 3 poems or 1 short story/essay/long form poem at a time. Include your work as a .doc format file or in the body of the email.
-If you're submitting art or photography please remember to include the names of pieces where applicable and submit in a jpeg format, with a file size under 5mb.
-The limit for short stories and essays is 5,000 words.
-descriptions of gardens in verse, use of quirky fonts, impressive references to anything in Latin or Greek and nationalist sentiment (of any stripe) are strongly discouraged. 

Submit by email to contact@bookmart.ie or by post to: Bookmart, 5 Lower the Mall, Sligo.

(Also - not sure what a zine is? Brush up here)