I bhFad igCéin | Far Afield - International Residencies Programme

Deadline: 6 Dec 2022

I bhFad igCéin – Far Afield will provide five excellent Irish poets with the opportunity to immerse themselves in new communities on foreign soil in 2023. Residencies will take place in New York, Berlin, Edinburgh, Manchester, and Montana, and will range from 2-3 weeks. Travel costs and accommodation will be covered, and each successful poet will also receive a bursary of €2,000. The selected poets will be given time and space to work on their current project in their new environment. During their time abroad, the poet will be introduced to key local cultural partners in prominent arts organisations and venues who will engage the poet in readings and happenings in the area. This is an invaluable opportunity for a poet who wishes to experience a new place, immerse themselves in a fresh context for work and potentially meet new collaborators.

Each residency is specially designed to bring out the maximum potential of its location. Applicants should carefully read the guidelines for each residency, as requirements and offerings will differ in every city. Not every residency will suit every poet, so please take care in deciding which residency you would like to apply for. While there is no rule against applying for multiple residencies, it is unlikely that a poet will be drawn or suited to more than one residency. The residencies in Berlin, Manchester, and Montana are open to established poets with at least one published book, while residencies in New York and Edinburgh are open to emerging poets. Each residency is open to both Irish language and English language poets.

For the purpose of this residency programme, Established is defined as poets who have had a consistent writing practice and strong track record of publication for at least 5 years. Ideally established poets will be able to demonstrate that they have published at least two books, although some flexibility can be permitted here, if the poet can demonstrate their poetic achievement in another form i.e. through performance. Emerging is defined as poets who’ve only started seriously writing in the past four years or less, and who have published at most one book, or none at all. Emerging poets should be able to demonstrate their commitment to the craft of writing, and their serious intent towards continuing to write consistently in the future.

>> New York residency Guidelines & Application Form 
The New York residency is in partnership with Cave Canem and the Irish Arts Center. This residency is aimed at emerging poets of the African diaspora who are currently based in Ireland.

>> Berlin residency Guidelines & Application Form
The Berlin residency is in partnership with Haus für Poesie. This residency is aimed at politically engaged poets with strong performance experience and some interest in working with teenage poets.

>> Edinburgh residency Guidelines & Application Form
The Edinburgh residency is in partnership with Scottish Poetry Library. This residency is aimed at emerging poets interested in working with children and young people.

>> Manchester residency Guidelines & Application Form
The Manchester residency is in partnership with Quarantine. This residency is aimed at established poets interested in working collaboratively with other artists and in digital media. 

>> Montana and California residency Guidelines & Application Form
The Montana and California residency is in partnership with Tippet Rise Arts Center. This residency is aimed at established poets interested in focusing intensely on a project in breathtaking rural Montana, followed by reading opportunities elsewhere on the West Coast, including San Francisco. Poets must be 25+ and hold a full driver's licence in order to apply.