Impossible Archetype

Deadline: 1 Aug 2020

Impossible Archetype is an international online journal of LGBTQ+ poetry which welcomes work from LGBTQ+ poets of all genders.

What They’re Looking For

Excellent poetry by LGBTQ+ folk. All styles and forms welcome, from page poetry, to experimental poetry, to slam poetry (although particular care here should be taken that it will work solely in a text format). Submissions in English are welcome from all over the world.

Primarily, they're looking for poetry that is striking, beautiful and musical. This is a journal that is not afraid of form – send your villanelles, sonnets, and sestinas – neither is it afraid of unusual formatting or experimental work. They also like free verse. What is crucial to all submitted work is that it has a depth of craft, musicality and passion. Send impassioned pleas, captured moments, and distilled emotions.

All contributors must identify on the LGBTQ spectrum. Work submitted does not need to directly identify this (although it absolutely can!).

A good barometer of the breadth and variety of work published is represented in their first issue, so give that a read if you haven’t yet, but it your poem doesn’t fit that, fear not, send it anyway.


Submit 1 – 4 poems to (there is no upper line length and we welcome longer work. Generally, a good rule of thumb is to keep the submission to under ten pages total).

Please format the subject line as follows:
Submission: x Poem/s by [INSERT NAME]

Submit all poems as an ONE attachment. Word files .doc or .docx only. No weird file types.
Please pay careful attention to the formatting of your poem, and use a standard font like Times New Roman. Work submitted will be considered the final draft.

Within the submission, please make sure to include
– your name (and, if different, your pen name)
– a biographical note (please keep this to 100 words or less).

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