International Poetry and Theatre Competition Castello Di Duino

Deadline: 10 Dec 2020

This competition is open to young people until the 31st birthday, and participation is free.

Theme of the XVII Edition

“There, where music is born”

Where does music originate? In the soul of man, in the spirit of peoples, in the rhythm of time and nature, in the song of birds? What happens when music is born, right there in those places where it is born?

The topic “music”  is just a suggestion that can be poetically elaborated according to the inspiration and sensitivity of the individual authors!

It is possible to participate in one or more of the following sections:


Participants have to send only one unpublished, never prized poem (maximum 35 line).
Poems will be accepted in the mother tongue of the authors. A translation into English, Spanish, French or Italian is required.
An international Jury will evaluate the poems in the mother tongue of participants.

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