Queer Writers of Ireland

Deadline: 15 Apr 2020

Queer Writers of Ireland is now accepting submissions for its first poetry collection, intended to debut and showcase the verse of the next generation of queer Irish poets. There are no guidelines or restrictions for the poems, as long as they fit within the six allotted pages. The book will be printed in a single small run, with copies being sent out for review, and payment will be in the form of twenty contributor copies to the ten successful applicants. Copyright will remain with the authors.

The first page of the submissions will be a biography, including date of birth, a passport sized photograph and an introduction to the work. Poets who would like to have their work included anonymously may use a pseudonym and an artistic representation of themselves, for which they own the copyright, in place of their name and photograph. The subsequent poems should take up no more than six pages and each should be in individual files. All files should be in Word documents, barring the photograph which should be a PNG.

Those interested should send their documents to John Ennis, Publisher and Editor, at ennisj8@gmail.com. All submissions will be acknowledged. Authors chosen will be written to within six weeks of the closing date.

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