Sanctuary: Call for Haiku

Deadline: 4 Apr 2021

Sanctuary is an evolving project that had its beginning with Nickie Hayden's response to a poem by American poet Peter Money, 'To the Lady in Pink Standing On Top the Bridge'.

Hayden created a piece of installation art in the form of a Haiku wheel. It has been exhibited in the Olivier Cornet Gallery since the 8/11/2020 and will remain there until the 4/4/2021. She asked Toyomi Iwawaki-Riebel, Haiku expert, to collect Haiku based around the idea of sanctuary. Now Hayden has asked Toyomi to write a Haiku relating to our present turbulent world events and how sanctuary is relevant to that. This poem by Toyomi will be the inspiration and starting point for the next set of Haiku that they collect:

Holding a frozen rhinoceros,
Snow White goes through
the metropolis of disease


• Haiku should be sent to
• Your Haiku will be exhibited on the haiku wheel and may appear on social media.
• The Haiku wheel may sell to a collector.
• There is no remuneration for the Haiku because of the volume of participants and because there is no entrance fee.
• You may be part of whatever collection has purchased the wheel.
• Your copyright remains your own.
• Your work may be simultaneously exhibited elsewhere.
• By sending your work, you are giving permission for use as stated.

The wheel may travel, the artist is hoping it will go to Germany.