Sanctuary Haiku project

Deadline: 1 Feb 2021

‘Sanctuary’ is an evolving project that had its beginning with Nickie Hayden's response to a poem by American poet Peter Money called ‘To the Lady in Pink Standing On Top the Bridge’

Hayden created a piece of installation art in the form of a Haiku wheel that will be exhibited in the Olivier Cornet Gallery from 8th November 2020 to 13th December 2020. Hayden has now put a call out for Haiku with the starting point being her own. Here is the Haiku:

Open pink blossom

Falling for sanctuary

Comes home to heaven

- Nickie Hayden / Ireland

You are invited to write a haiku for the Haiku Wheel installation using the one above as a starting point. If you wish you can write up to three Haiku, or one with one or two translations to another language.

• Your Haiku will be exhibited on the haiku wheel and may appear on social media
• The Haiku wheel may sell to a collecter
• There is no remuneration for your Haiku because of the volume of participants and because there is no entrance fee.
• Your work will only be exhibited as part of the haiku wheel, and if the wheel is sold it would then be included in the collection of the purchaser.
• Your work will not be sold separately.
• You may be part of whatever collection has purchased the wheel
• Your copyright remains your own.
• Your work may be simultaneously exhibited elsewhere
• By sending your work, you are giving your permission for its use as stated here.

Haiku should be sent to or