SurVision Magazine January Submissions

Deadline: 31 Jan 2019

In January 2019, SurVision Magazine will have an open submissions period for poetry manuscripts (chapbooks and collections) by poets born on the island of Ireland, or current and long-term residents here. There won't be any submission fees for such manuscripts, and they'll consider them between 1st January and 31st January 2019. During this period, please create an account on Green Submissions and use Submission Manager to send a sample selection of not more than 20 of your poems attaching it in one file as a .doc, .rtf or .docx document only (no PDF files, please.) Please note that this isn't a contest, and we only manuscripts that are a good match for SurVision Books will be published, if any. They magazine's resources are extremely limited, and they won't be able to offer any criticism or advice. To familiarise yourself with the kind of work published, please read SurVision Magazine, or the titles published so far.