The Liminal Review

Deadline: 31 May 2021

The Liminal Review is a literature and arts journal that is looking for the things that are made in the in-between spaces. This journal want your abstract feelings, your bent encounters, your thoughts on anything. The things that don’t fully fit anywhere else, this journal wants to give them a home. They're listening and they're interested.

The Liminal Review has no concealed theme. Open to anything in the form of short prose, reviews, poetry, creative non-fiction, marginalia, photography and illustrations. 

The journal was founded in December 2020 by Alix Berber and Shauna Smullen. Two queer artists looking to carve out a new space for overlooked voices in Ireland and beyond. The ambiguous shape of this journal will provide a solid home for work from new and underrepresented voices. To help orientate yourself, please feel free to peruse our favourite pieces and bits from elsewhere below.

The Liminal Review is currently run without any outside funding and as of now unable to pay contributors. It is their explicit goal to be able to offer contributors payment in the future.

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