Translating Poetry with Martin Veiga- Amergin Solstice Poetry Gathering

Deadline: 21 Jun 2020

As part of this translation workshop at the Amergin Solstice Poetry Gathering in Kerry, participants will examine different approaches to the translation of poetry, with particular focus on form, the diverse functions of rhyme and repetition, and some of the complexities associated with the translation of tone, ambiguity and specific cultural references. The group will look at existing English translations of Iberian poetry from different periods, linguistic backgrounds and traditions to identify the translator’s strategies and techniques. After this introduction, participants will carry out their own translations of given poems, and these translations will form the basis of subsequent discussions. Although most of the examples used will be taken from Galician and Spanish poetry, no prior knowledge of any of these languages and literary traditions is required to participate in the workshop, which will be conducted in English. What participants will discover will be relevant to translation from any language.

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