Wild Atlantic Writing Awards

Deadline: 31 May 2020

The new Wild Atlantic Writing Awards features two categories: Flash Fiction and Creative Non-fiction

The Flash Fiction award is open to all genres, and the theme is writing itself. In other words, upon reading competition entries, judges are left in no doubt that a key element in your story is linked in some way to writing itself. For example, one of the characters, human or non-human, is a writer or a piece of writing plays a key role in the story. Let your imagination be your guide.

The Creative Non-fiction award will be given to a story of not more than 500 words on any subject – whether it be in the form of memoir, profile, literary journalism, personal essay, travel (and remember, award-winning travel articles don't have to be about exotic destinations, it could be about your own hometown), food or any creative nonfiction category you prefer.

The cash prize for each award is 500EUR, with the additional bonus of participation in retreats in Paris or Donegal. 

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