Writing the Psyche with John W. Sexton - Amergin Solstice Poetry Gathering

Deadline: 21 Jun 2020

'Writing the Psyche – Affirming the Mind Through Poetry with John W. Sexton' takes place in June as part of the Amergin Solstice Poetry Gathering.

In the common travails of our daily lives, and in the constant upheavals found in any attempt at the creative life, maintaining personal mental wellness is really essential. This workshop looks at practical strategies for achieving a sense of wellbeing through our writing. The three days of workshops are facilitated by a writer who has consistently investigated affirming positives of self from lived experience through his writing over a forty-year career as a poet. The workshop will offer a positive environment for new poetry by the participants, and will look at various techniques for mining the self that have proved beneficial to the facilitator’s own writing.

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