Poetry Libraries

The Austin Clarke Collection at Poetry Ireland Library
The Austin Clarke/Poetry Ireland Library is a collection of more than 5,000 volumes, almost all of which were once part of Austin Clarke’s private library. The collection is housed at UCD Special Collections. Austin Clarke (1896-1974) was a poet, dramatist and broadcaster, and was an important figure in Irish cultural life during the mid-twentieth century.
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The Contemporary Collection at Poetry Ireland Library
Poetry Ireland owns a significant library of contemporary poetry. We plan to make this library accessible to the public in the near future, as part of our plans to establish The Irish Poetry Centre.  

The Living Haiku Anthology

In the tradition of the adage to show not tell, the role of the LHA is to gather together in one “arboretum” works published by a wide range of editors and poets as haiku — beyond national, regional, linguistic, philosophical and theological distinctions: to become a living treasury for visitors — poets, cultural critics and lovers, alike. Our role is not to determine, direct or circumscribe the genre. By encompassing all styles and approaches to haiku we hope to provide an umbrella for the many strands of international haiku, from a global perspective, for the benefit of those able to discern those true gems assurgent in the current foment.

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