Submission to Poetry Ireland Review

Poetry Ireland Review is published three times annually. We welcome unsolicited submissions of poems, and proposals for articles and reviews, from Ireland and abroad, in Irish or English. We encourage more submissions from women and people from diverse ethnic backgrounds, who are currently under-represented in the submissions we receive throughout the year. 

Guidelines for Poetry Submissions

  • Send a maximum of six poems.
  • Keep a hard copy / digital copy of each submission.
  • Poems should be original, and previously unpublished.
  • Poems should be typed / printed, single-sided, with a cover note containing contact details and publication credits, if any. (Previous publication credits are not necessary to be considered for publication in Poetry Ireland Review).
  • If a poem continues over more than one page, clearly indicate stanza breaks between pages.
  • Include an email address with your posted submission if you only need notification of the editor’s decision and don’t need your work returned. The paperwork will be recycled in due course. This is the preferred method of submission: posted with email included for the editor's response.
  • If you don't have email, include a stamped self-addressed envelope or International Reply Coupons (for overseas submissions) with your posted submission, and indicate whether you'd like your work returned or only need notification of the Editor's decision.
  • There are no restrictions on style or subject, but Poetry Ireland strongly dislikes poems advocating sexism or racism.

Due to the huge (and welcome!) number of poems received, the Editor normally replies within a maximum of 5 months. This timeframe may vary with the amount of submissions at any given time, and Poetry Ireland can often turn around work within a month of receipt.

Poets will receive a copy of the issue in which their work appears plus a payment for their contribution, which is currently €40. Copyright for published work remains at all times with the author. Please note that poems published in PIR will also be added to our online archive of back issues.

Articles and Reviews

Articles and reviews are normally commissioned by the Editor. We will, however, consider proposals for both, but unsolicited articles and reviews will not be considered. Reviewers and article writers receive a copy of the journal plus payment. The payment for an article or a review is currently a minimum of €100, plus a copy of the journal. Copyright for published work remains at all times with the author. Please note that work published in PIR will also be added to our online archive of back issues.

Where to Submit Your Work

All communications should be addressed to the Editor, currently Eavan Boland (see address below).

Email: email submissions are not accepted, although an email address may be included with a posted submission – see above.

Post: Poetry Ireland Review,
Poetry Ireland,
11 Parnell Square East 
Dublin 1
D01 ND60